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Poem of Thanks - Sharon Olds

Years later, long single, 
I want to turn to his departed back, 
and say, What gifts we had of each other! 
What pleasure - confiding, open-eyed, 
fainting with what we were allowed to stay up 
late doing. And you couldn’t say, 
could you, that the touch you had from me 
was other than the touch of one 
who could love for life - whether we were suited 
or not - for life, like a sentence. And now that I 
consider, the touch that I had from you 
became not the touch of the long view, but like the 
tolerant willingness of one 
who is passing through. Colleague of sand 
by moonlight - and by beach noonlight, once, 
and of straw, salt bale in a barn, and mulch 
inside a garden, between the rows - once- 
partner of up against the wall in that tiny 
bathroom with the lock that fluttered like a chrome 
butterfly beside us, hip-height, the familiar 
of our innocence, which was the ignorance 
of what would be asked, what was required, 
thank you for every hour. And I 
accept your thanks, as if it were 
a gift of yours, to give them - let’s part 
equals, as we were in every bed, pure 
equals of the earth.

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Princess Diaries 2

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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You’re So Last Summer | Taking Back Sunday

Maybe I should hate you for this
Never really did ever quite get that far

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In the end, In the end

There’s nothing more to life than love is there?

You are the torch

And it all makes sense

I’ve waited here for you forever

I’ve waited here for you forever

in the end - snow patrol

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I’m miles from where you are,

I lay down on the cold ground

I, I pray that something picks me up

And sets me down in your warm arms

Set The Fire To The Third Bar - Snow Patrol

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"Eww! How can humans drink this stuff?"

Photos by ©Leif Fielstrup Guldbrandsen

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Come as you are - Nirvana (1992)

Adam’s Song - Blink 182 (2000)

i like to tell people about this and blow up minds

I never put it together

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Louis C.K.’s opening monologue on SNL.

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by Renee Nault on Tumblr

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To celebrate the (approximate) 1-year anniversary of Diversity in YA’s launch on tumblr, we’re giving away all these books! Thank you for celebrating diversity in young adult books with us and continuing to engage in dialogue and increasing awareness!

(To view a document listing all the titles, click here.)

Here’s how this is going to work:

  1. We’ve divided these books into 4-packs of diverse awesomeness. Don’t worry, series titles will all be kept together, so you won’t end up getting a middle book or a third book in a trilogy without the others.
  2. We have multiple copies of some titles, so some of them will go into several prize packs.
  3. We’ll select 17 winners, each of whom will receive a prize pack of 4 books!
  4. Because of the large number of titles and the cost of international shipping, we’re only able to ship to U.S. mailing addresses. International folks may enter as long as they have a U.S. mailing address.
  5. Teachers and librarians get an extra entry!
  6. The deadline to enter is March 31, 2014.

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(If you can’t see the Rafflecopter entry form on your tumblr dash, you can also enter at our website.)

Thank you so much to the following publishers for donating books to our Anniversary Giveaway:

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Angelina Jolie gets emotional talking to rape victims of Bosnian war

Published on 28 Mar 2014

Angelina Jolie was brought to tears while talking to rape victims of the Bosnian war, during her visit to Srebrenica. Report by Claire Lomas

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